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Conventional Science and Metaphysics

by T Stokes

Several people have emailed me to ask if I was serious about my recent “scientist bashing” articles, and I have to say partly, “yes”.

Whoever funds experiments determines the outcome. The six men hospitalised after drug trial tests in N.W London recently, were said to be part of an anti-inflammatory drug test at the hospital research unit. The men suffered multiple organ failure, and two are still critical.

The Parexel pharmaceutical group have said; “this was an extremely rare occurrence and animal tests did not show similar results”. One wonders if watching camels running, would be a good way to bet on horses.

Parexel seems to have forgotten Thalidomide, Debendox, Seroxat, Serevent, Vioxx, Prozac etc.etc. had different results in animal experimentation. U. S. A. studies show hospitalisation figures from doctors drug misapplications, are one in four.

Professor and medical scientist Edzard Ernst of Exeter university just this week commenting on a new study of spinal manipulation, claimed Osteopathy and Chiropractic did not work, or stop pain. A study shown this week in all British newspapers said Aromatherapy did not work either.

The identity of the studies paymasters were not disclosed.

Organ Transplants and Personality

But here is a puzzle, officially one in ten of transplant patients claim they inherit part of the personality of the donor, unofficially, this is said to be far higher.

Prof. Gary Schwartz of Arizona university has detailed 70 cases where this phenomena has occurred, he claimed in extreme cases patients adopt the donors taste in food interests and pastimes.

One case saw a woman who was health conscious take up consuming beer and fast food and having aggressive mannerisms just like the biker whose heart and lungs she received.

Prof. Schwartz documents another case where a 7 year old girl having nightmares about being killed, was in fact given the heart of a murdered girl.

Prof. Schwartz has presented over 400 scientific papers, believes that patients can take on the personality of the organ donor through the “memory transference” in the organ.

Widespread criticism from the conventional medical establishment has not stopped his studies.

Carl Jung said; “any degree of learning narrows horizons”. But surprisingly Schwartz has managed to keep an open mind.

Hans Eysenck said; “excess knowledge can imprison a mind on any subject”.

Metaphysicians would say that the auric signature of the donor organ is not compatible with another body, plastic or synthetic parts, yes.

Spirit communicators from the afterlife have said this would be the case from as far back as Allen kardec last century, and re-iterated by occult author Lobsang Rampa.

In the 1960s, in my own talks on the subject I refer to the attendant part personality phenomenon as “pars/onality”

Physicist Clive Backster discovered blood cells taken from inside the mouth continue to react electro-magnetically to the donors emotional states, even over time and distance, this coupled with the theories of morphic resonance, and the recent establishment of water carrying its own memory, and do not forget 75% of the body is water, suggesting the rejection factor in human organ swaps, may be insoluble, without the inter-co-operation of physicians and metaphysicians.

Strangely the main initiators in human auric study, kirlian and Dr.Walter Kilner suggested the study of the aura primarily for medical practise.

Einstein said; ”matter is energy, energy is light, we are all light beings”

Adolph Hitler said; only a closed mind prevents progress”

Yet a recent Lancet article gives very good results from organs grown in the lab, from the donors own D.N.A.

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