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Scientists and Psychic Antennae

by T Stokes

I have just read an excellent spiritual article entitled “residual haunting”, well thought out and well written, if I may be allowed to stretch it a little further than the author perhaps intended, I felt that I wanted to include into the facts that a deeply emotional trauma, will Imprint and embed itself into the very fabric of the building.

The point that sensitives will pick up, and receive the signals of this trauma is beyond the dispute of even the blindest of sceptics.

Those who have watched a mediumistic person enter such a room and touch and feel the walls, breathe the air, and walk about as if listening to sounds, is an amazing experience, and is so well documented as to not need repetition.


I would as an exercise try this yourself.

Wash off all impressions from the hands, come into the room and touch the light switch and the surrounding wallpaper, feel yourself enter into this, and blank your mental incoming messages, and see what comes up onto screen of the conscious mind, its technically called “psychometry” and literally means feeling with the soul or psyche, and is a skill that anyone can learn with practise, and is handy when buying a car, when meeting people or when travelling in risky areas, to keep this psychic antennae up.

The late occult writer Lobsang Rampa would get his students to practise holding a letter and before opening to “feel” what the contents were about.

As in most paranormal ability cases science eventually catches up, and now a team known as S.O.C.O. (scenes of crime officers) will enter where a traumatic event has occurred, and act exactly as the psychic, but picking up on the D.N.A on the light switch the wallpaper etc. to arrive at the same conclusions, not mentally but with science..

New techniques yet to come on line, will be that when the crime is committed that causes the traumatic event, we all give off tiny skin flakes, and in a struggle more so. Now some of those flakes will contain adrenaline, or sexual excitement hormones etc. Which will point out as much info, as the psychic, what is amusing is that for many crank sceptics who would not accept the evidence from psychic abilities, will gladly accept it from scientific sources, even though, the paranormal is as ridden with as many fraudulent operators as the scientific community.

In fact “junk science” is an area where more than ever one should keep up the antennae.


I should also mention that scientists have caught up at last with “Synaesthesia”. That certain people can see colour with numbers and music, and when music was played they would see shapes, and rows of numbers in the air.

Part of the training that I would endeavour to bring to my pupils on entering a haunted house, was to try and see and hear, with the sense of smell which is particularly relevant as it is connected to the brains oldest part, when we were still crawling out of the sea all those years ago.

This ability to use all senses and develop what the intelligence services call “Simulataniety “ is an old one in the psychic abilities arena, and perhaps a new one for the scientific community.

T Stokes lecturer in paranormal studies Copyright 2006