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New Labour Astrologers

T Stokes

The big news from August 12th 2006, was that the solar system now consisted of 12 planets, not 9. Though this has yet to be agreed universally.

This news according to Prof.. H. Cohen means the whole basis of Astronomy must be re-written, while many in Astrology guessed this situation some time in advance.

Many astrologers are known to have advised The White house since WWII. Such people as Jean Dixon, Joyce Jillson, Carol Righter, Mary Jones, Ken King, Davina Cohen and Joan Quigley have all given advice. At no time has advice been asked from Astronomers. This makes Astronomers statements on other such things as U. F. Os very suspect.

Henry Kissenger was known to ask for “good and bad days” to discuss with foreign diplomats, and Ronnie Reagan was said to be a “new age” believer. The Philadelphia Enquirer has revealed that the date of the critical U.S. Soviet medium range treaty limiting nuclear arms, was signed with the help of the Astrologically crucial date of Dec 8th 1987.

Britain’s Tony Blair is known to have astrologers and occult advisors including Carol and Silvia Caplin, his election date of 5-5-5 is as occult as it gets, Cherie Blair too is very New-Age, and is interested in alternative and complementary therapies. New Labour Svengali, Peter Mandlesohn is a devout Bilderberger, whose use of Astrological data is legendary.

The date for the killing of Jill Dando on 26-4-2003 was undoubtably Astrologically determined, as was David Kelly’s death.

Co-incidentally the rumoured withdrawal of all Judith Miller files from Langley, was perhaps also on the most auspicious of dates.

But since the days when man first looked to the stars, and asked god to show him signs from his greatest work, the night sky, which Shakespeare described in Romeo and Juliet as “star crossed lovers” he meant they were actually unlucky in their love.

If when reading the stars the Auger saw a star cross the heavens from right to left, this was seen as an ominous sign, the Latin for left was “sinister”. From where we derive the sinister,or left hand path workings.

People like Romeo and Juliet, who were said to be unlucky, and were said to be “dis”. Meaning against, and “astri” meaning disaster, hence unlucky.

Expert Greame Donald tells us that, having decided on the movements of the planets the auger gave his verdict, and from the latin we have, “cun” ( with ) and “sidus” star, we derive the word “consider”.

The popular name for our galaxy the “milky way” is really pretty close as the word “Galaxy” is based on the Greek word for milk, “gala”. Perhaps the Milky Way could even supply enough whitewash for Tony Blair’s political mishandling

T Stokes lecturer in paranormal studies