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Astronomy, Astrology and UFOs

T. Stokes

The famous astronomer Sir Patrick Moore who brought the heavens to the people in his extremely popular British monthly “sky at night” T.V programme on air since 1957 celebrated his 83rd birthday at the weekend.

Patrick who has written 60 something astronomy books, which regularly attack newspaper horoscopes, does not know the difference between horoscopes and solarscopes, as he constantly mixes up newspaper sun sign solar-scopes with multi-planet horoscopes, as used by the White House and many world Governments, in fact W.W.II and the 6 day war were fought largely on astrological advice.

Carl Jung admitted he based his theories of personality types on the zodiac signs, Christianity and Judaism are astrology based, and Islam astrology influenced.

So poor Patrick by ignorantly attacking astrology, by implication is attacking psychology, the world’s major religions, and the teams that fought W.W.II.

The T V news on May 8th 2006 was that at last after years of denial the British Ministry of Defence admitted the reality and existence of U.F.O's. This leaves Patrick’s credibility in shreds after he too was one of the deniers.

Patrick’s agent Robert Voice claimed the self taught astronomer and loveable eccentric crackpot, had been fitted in April with a surprise heart pace-maker.

if Patrick had read his horoscope for February, he would have seen the warning of coming cardio-vascular difficult culminating in the solar eclipse of March 29th

Get well soon Patrick.

T. Stokes copyright 2006