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Acting Out the Roles on Your Stages of Life

by Michael Levy

I'd like to wager you're not aware that you're performing to a captive audience every minute of every day, ever since you were born. Yep, your audience hangs on your every word...hovers over every thought. Nothing you do escapes their attention. There are no auditions and every action is absorbed ... What's that you do not believe me? Well, I can assure you it's true. In fact, your audience is far larger than the human population of the world. They will applaud and cheer your deliberations, or boo and hiss your thoughts and there is not a thing you can do about their reactions.

Wait a minute; come to think about it, there is something you can do. First, I suppose I'd better let you know who your audience is...It is every cell in your body and mind. You have over several trillion of the little mites and over a hundred trillion bacteria cells. They will let you know in-no-uncertain-terms how you are performing your roles on earth. All will be reflected in your health.

For every negative thought you have, you will lose some of your precious, beloved supporters and give strength to the bad guys, who have only come along to help you fall frail and die of a disease. Their only mission in life it to take you to the grave as early as possible.

For every erroneous thought you feed them, they will react in a destructive manner and will attack all your good guys. It seems on the surface, according to the experts, you are helpless to do anything about them. That is because many medical, educated people will tell you it is perfectly normal for cells to be destroyed by disease and in most cases, they do not know where the illness originated. They will inform you that ... human emotions are real and since they are real, only medication or mediation (science or religion) will help cool them down.

What they will not inform you, because most of them do not know, it is the authentic you, that is filled with universal intelligence, that can help yourself overcome your ego's requirements for power and destruction… However, before that alchemical intelligence can perform its magic, the ego needs to understand its purpose… and unfortunately it is beyond its intellectual grasp. Therefore, most people's intellectual egos govern how much ammunition the detrimental cells absorb...

“Whosoever wishes to know about the world, must learn about it in its particular details.
Knowledge is not intelligence.
In searching for the truth, be ready for the unexpected.
Change alone is unchanging.
The same road goes both up and down.
The beginning of a circle is also its end.
Not I, but the world says it: all is one.
And yet everything comes in season.”
- Heraklietos of Ephesos.

Human negative emotions, governed by the intellect, seem so real, but they are not real, they are all figments of the ego's hold on the mind. However, as-long-as people believe educated intellectual experts that lack universal intelligence and abound in all walks of life.... Then the negative emotions will be viewed as real sentiments that need pandering and loving care ... Nothing can be further from the truth and since people live the lies of the ego, and have done for thousands of years, there is no real hope or any authentic help for them.

Clinging on to figments erected by fallacious, educated thinkers only produces a human race that is overflowing with deceits, wars and self-inflicted disease.

Human negative emotions have been programmed in human DNA and genes over many millennia by past negative thinkers. In addition, numerous diseases are induced by a miscellany of ingredient, including environmental and genetic affects. However, it does not mean disease cannot be eradicated to a large extent, by a strong immune system that is regulated by an unfamiliar way of thinking that is authentic and as intelligent as time itself.

Most medical doctors (whose treatment is an essential necessity when we get sick) will prescribe drugs and medicine to help rid the body of disease. They ignore the fact the infected cells probably emanate from your brains erroneous thoughts...So, maybe, people cause of their own illness. Not knowingly, or else they would not make themselves sick, or would they?

Do people who smoke cigarettes know they will probably die of lung cancer?
Do people who drink alcohol know they may die of an illness caused by the alcohol?
Do obese people know that overeating is shortening their lives?

What! They do know ... then why do they do it?
Why not arrest a bad habit if it detrimental for a persons health?

If only it was that simple to stop, but unfortunately it is not. Bad habits are hard to break simply because they are transported on incorrect thoughts ... They are the hardest of all to cure because they depend on a personal identity to support their addiction. Emotional stress, and negative thoughts, have become addictive and have spread like the plague throughout all humanity.

The emotions implanted in human minds are the number one source of deaths since humans evolved as sophisticated animals that can reason their existence. Over time, volumes of mistaken progressive logic and reason has radiated from science and religion ... The more conclusive and indisputable the effects became to each group, the more the drawbridge was pulled up on simple truths.

When people live with convictions that they believe hold all the truth, then for sure something will come along and prove their beliefs false. It may take thousands of years, or it may only take a few moments, but all certainties in a three dimensional world are held together by threads of veracity and filled in with illusionary fantasies and inventive imaginations.

Many years ago, doctors stuck leeches on their rich patients and used magic potions such as ground emeralds to heal? With the help of the educated quackery, the rich, sick people died faster than the sick poor people, who had no ‘expert' help. At least today, you recognize the educated experts of old were quacks in white coats.

In today's world, medical practitioners keep people alive longer, while the drug companies get richer and folk's quality of life becomes poorer ... Many times the patients grow sicker by the side effects of the drugs, which over time, require different drugs to treat the effects of the original drugs.....Good game for the doctors and drug companies, but hard cheese for the patient .... The funny thing is, most directors of the drug companies and doctors may succumb to the same types of disease as their patients. If they cannot help themselves, what chance does the public stand?

Let's get back to your inner audience ...Your benevolent; chivalrous cells only want what is good for your welfare ... They will produce spectacular encouragement within your immune system, just so long as you feed them the correct formula that they were naturally born to embrace. So, what is it that you can do, to assure good health throughout your lives and never need to visit the people in white coats, with sharp knives and laughing gas?

There is one golden rule to understand ... You are not your ego, personality, character, name, or any label that you hang your hat on... No-thing on this planet earth, in the physical, is part of your true self. If you cannot grasp this one golden rule, then nothing on earth will ever help you solve or cure, whatever troubles you have now, or in the future.

Every negative habit depends on your identity within the mind's sentiments and emotions. Your personality cultivates the destruction of the cells in your body due to the harmful chemicals released by the emotions. Therefore, it cannot-be-stated strongly enough ... detrimental thoughts manufacture ... injurious chemicals.

Your eating habits are programmed into your taste buds, fed by your memories of what you believe you relish. Your exercise or laziness is a measure of your minds willingness to keep fit. Your worry, anxiety, hatreds and anger will all be triggered by the emotional storehouse in which your memory banks have invested their time observing and programming…Do you really want to live your life as a programmed puppet, at the mercy of every stranger who can pull your strings?

Every thought you experience will spark neurons that will send messengers, to each selective cell member in your body. The chemical messengers will affect your health, for better or worse, until death you do depart. So, how's about you start to put on a new show filled with merriment and laughter.

Start to laugh at your own behavior and stubbornness. Ridicule yourself, mock yourself, mimic yourself. Make yourself a laughing stock, to yourself... Enjoy tearing your identity into little shreds of fiction they are and then bury the evidence in the deepest burial ground in your mind...never repossessed in the same form.... You begin to renew your self-image filled with feelings of love and joy and even though it is still a sham world you live in, you see its falseness and can enjoy its antics without any hindrance of being defensive....

You see yourself as a temporal being that is put on earth to enjoy life and nothing is going to take away your joy-filled self ... for that is your eternal true identity and thus indestructible. You can help other people by projecting your joy and living by the laws of good intent. You wish everyone well, and even those who want to demean you ... send them all your best.

When anyone comes along and derides you and tells you how dumb and silly you are, you can laugh with them and say...You know you are quite right and your inner audience will give you a rousing encore for the best performance of your life so far.

You will find your acting gets better and better along with your well being. Your health, fame and wellness fortune will spread, to be enjoyed by every nurturing cell in your body and mind. The stimulation of your joyful energy becomes an intoxicating elixir of wisdom, filling all the gaps left behind by your old, illusionary negativity.

Michael Levy is the author of seven books. His inspirational poetry and essays now grace many assorted web sites, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is expert columnist for Positive Health magazine, the leading complimentary health publication in the UK. He is also published by the The Royal Collage of Psychiatry.

Michael's new books - "The Joys of Live Alchemy" - "Ultra-Violt Haiku Delights" - are now available at all bookstores.