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Genuine Mediumship or The Invisible Powers by Swami Bhakta Vishita


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Among the higher categories of Nature's Finer Forces is included that which is popularly known as "mediumship." Although this term has suffered more or less by reason of its misappropriation by certain charlatans and the unprincipled exploiters of sincere investigators of the phenomena of the higher planes of existence, and also by reason of a certain prejudice against the term arising from misrepresentation and general misunderstanding, the term still remains a perfectly legitimate one and one clearly indicating the nature of the general class of phenomena sought to be embraced within its limits. Therefore there is no valid reason for its rejection in our consideration of the subject of Nature's Finer Forces in this book; and, accordingly, it is used here in a general way, although the more scientific term "higher plane communication," or similar terms, are employed herein in some cases.

What Is Mediumship?

Let us see just what is meant by the term "mediumship." The term "medium" is defined as: "That which lies in the middle, or between other things: hence, that through which anything is conveyed from one thing to another." In a special sense, a "medium" is "a person serving as the channel of communication between decarnate entities and human being still in the flesh," in "spiritualistic phenomena." The suffix "ship," of course, denotes state or office; and in the case of "mediumship" it indicates that the designated person possesses the state or office of a "medium," the latter term being used in the special meaning above defined.

Of course, the term "mediumship," as above defined, lacks a clear meaning unless the term "spiritualistic," or "spiritualism" be defined. The term "spiritualism" (or as many of the best authorities prefer to state it, "spiritism") is applied to "a system of communication with the unseen world, or with the inhabitants thereof, the latter being usually known as 'spirits,' through persons called 'mediums,' which has attained popular favor in Europe and America since about 1850." Or, as another authority states it, "Spiritualism is a term employed to indicate the belief that departed spirits hold intercourse with mortals by means of psychical phenomena, commonly through a person of special susceptibility called a 'medium.'"

Ancient Mediumship.

It is, of course, unnecessary to state in detail the fact that communication with decarnate entities has been known and practiced by the human race from the earliest days of recorded history, and probably long before that time, and is far from being a modern discovery. Moreover, such communication has been known and practiced by races of human beings other than those inhabiting Europe and America--particularly in the oriental countries. In the oriental lands such communication has been well established for many thousand years, and the most ancient records give evidences of it. The Hebrew Scriptures contain many instances of such communication, showing that the same was an accepted fact of the life of the race at the time and in the places at which these records were written.

Mediumship and Religious Belief.

The careful student will of course notice that this communication with the higher planes of life and being--this so-called "mediumship"--does not depend upon any particular form of religious belief, or teaching, concerning the nature of the state or place of abode of the departed spirits of men; but, on the contrary, is common to all form of religion and to all phases of belief in the survival of the human soul. Therefore, a scientific consideration of the general subject does not necessitate the acceptance of any one particular phase of religious belief, or of any particular system of teaching concerning the nature or state of "life after death." All that is required of the person accepting the general fact of "higher plane communication" may be stated as follows: (1) Acceptance of the fact that the human soul persists after the death of the body, and independent of and removed from the dead body; (2) acceptance of the fact that the decarnate souls of human beings may, and do, establish communication with human beings still dwelling upon the earth-plane of existence.