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UFOs and Weather Manipulation?

by T Stokes

Several senior sources from a U. S. air base in Britain, have sympathies for the coming trial of U.F.O researcher Gary Mc'kinnon who allegedly accessed 97 U. S. defence computers looking at U F O data which the U.S government
says does not exist. Among documentation now in the public domain is proof that it is no longer a whisper among the conspiracy theorists that the militarisation of the weather is a reality.

C.I.A defectors and whisleblowers have given new information on this since the beginning of 2007. "He who controls the weather controls the world" Pending congressional legislation S517. introduced by Texan senator Kay
Bailey-Hutchinson, the bill entitled "the weather modification and research technology transfer authorisation act, came up for debate on October first 2005.

Ionospheric manipulation includes artificial electronic field intensities, a cyclone can be created by this method, the challenge is in guiding the typhoon or cyclone to the opponents central warfare programme, to this end scientists are now using under the A.W.M guidelines ( artificial weather manipulation ) deflection shielding, and solar flares can be deflected to the eye of the cyclone and drag it to the desired path, and electromagnetic guiding seems the desired methodology.


This has been a hot topic for some time, And there are many voices in the U S military who are asking about the origins particularly of hurricane Katrina, as to it being an intentional government manipulation, or a mistake, congressional voices since Sanger in the 1920s have asked whether to bring in compulsory birth control in black
areas would cut the prison population, muted voices in Britain following Winston Churchill's ideas in eugenics have said similar, but a main point in the local press was over government aid being so slow to reach the Katrina tragedy


A new scenario is unfolding here in Britain, for the first time the large insular communities of both the Hindu and Islam populations are uniting together in inner city rioting with blacks in Cities such as Birmingham, and in France, recent news on this has been heavily slanted and censured for us at home. Community leaders from the huge and normally peaceful British Indian and Pakistani communities express extreme anger over pictures seen on our T V screens of the bombing of Iraqi residential suburbs, and Donald Rumsfelt condoning copies of the Koran being flushed down the toilets at Guantanamo Bay, and the scandals over British and U.S compliance over the Palestinian genocide and
"Enforced Rendition" which is a worrying trend for Muslims.

Scholars tell me the Jewish sorcerers of the Old Testament could actually alter the weather conditions, 2000 years ago, and the same game plan can be used against America. Indo/Pak sorcerers known as Jadooka have been experimenting with cones of power, circles and pentagrams, and based on red Indian rain ceremonies claim some success in offerings to the Hindu god of thunderstorms, and at harnessing and controlling the necessary demonic forces.


November first is "the feast of lights" known as Diwali, and Eid al-Fitre, rumours abound that a team of holy men met and using the breathing rhythm of "allah-hu" was trying to bring the forces into this dimension to create their own "shock and awe" to the United States in the form of another weather manipulation, this time wreaked from the spirit world, to the United States. Public opinion at home is very against Americans being killed abroad, Ali Hussein has described them as "burger eating surrender monkeys"

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