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Medium Doris Stokes - Genuine or Fake?

By T Stokes

Some years ago a well spoken gentleman would attend many of my talks on new age spirit, alternative therapies and the paranormal, and take issue with what I said.

He was always polite, and after a while at each meeting, I would look for his face at the back of the hall.

We would chat afterwards and I was impressed with his knowledge, but felt his ideas on the bible conflicted with both science and fact, over time I would always ask him when a talk ended to give the other side of things, its good to hear both sides of an issue, and this he did well, I felt that to be confined to the bible meant you were cut off from the joy of the Koran and the Upanishads and other spiritual books.

As the months ran into years I got to know him quite well, and learnt he had connections to the Evangelical church and higher education, he told me one of the universities intended conducting a series of tests on some well known psychics, and would I care to be an official observer.

So while I would have preferred to have been on the judging panel, I was happy to observe and make notes, all this in a superb medieval building.

The first lady before the judging panel was demonstrating “psychometry.” She was given four envelopes, each with an object inside, which she had to hold, and could then write her thoughts down for 10 minutes only.

Now this lady was superb, in one instance she said a brooch belonged to a lady now dead from a cancerous condition, the brooch was now the property of her son who had a large beard, shoulder length brown hair, glasses and a stoop, and he could be an Archaeologist or similar.

This was a perfect description of one of the research observers whose brooch it was, she scored very high on all points, with all four items.

Another lady demonstrating mediumship, was a waste of space, I do not know where they found her but she had no ability at all, all she showed us was guess work, she was a bit full of herself, and was an embarrassment.

The well spoken Evangelical chap, although I admired his bible expertise, was very anti- psychic ability, small minded and expected it all to be fake.

An open mind is the most important part in any investigation, and is no place for those with the diseases of closed mindedness or entrenched scepticism.

Next was Doris Stokes a while before she came famous, there was no way she could have known the things she said, while the test was not perfect, it never is-she did describe in detail, several dead relatives to the judges, and gave various mannerisms and birthdays, I could see the panel were very sceptical, when they should have been impartial, yet they were silently impressed.

This was the same well spoken Evangelical man, who led the hate campaign, as soon as Doris had died, in saying she was fake, his church has made the same claim about Derek Acorah and now James Van Pragh.

Now I have never seen Derek or James at work, but I was there when Doris told publisher Robert Maxwell intimate details over the dinner table of how he would die, and this proved absolutely right in every respect.

It was unfortunate in the tests that I saw, that no real paranormal experts were present. A couple of psychologists tried to dominate the panel, but you cannot use the knowledge gained in psychology for assessing psychic ability, it is the wrong tool for the job. Psychologists cannot even agree among themselves, the prognosis given by a Freudian analyst, will differ drastically to that of a Jungian, and particularly that of an Adlerian therapist.

So while in agreement that the talent and skills many psychics and mediums are questionable, Doris Stokes was voted in all official tests as genuine.

Her books “voices in my ear” are still bought by seekers of spiritual knowledge, before you make up your mind, why not read them yourself.

T Stokes paranormalist
Copyright 2006