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Gary McKinnon and Official Propaganda

By T Stokes

Many people wonder how, if as the British and U.S government have always claimed that U.F.O’s do not exist, how can computer nerd Gary McKinnon be charged with breaking into these files and reading about them?

How can you read what does not exist ?

And we are told 97 of these U.S defence computers held this U.F.O data. So to prosecute him, means an about turn on official policy and all statements since Roswell in 1947.

Gary is due to be sent to the U.S.A. to go on trial.

Enforced rendition has already been declared illegal under international law. Remember, the Human Rights act instructs us that a prosecution based on untruths cannot legally go ahead, and both British and U.S. administrations have based their complaint on a bed of lies.

But why not, ?

The British government lies continually, over Iraq, immigration, the N.H.S, crime rates, the Deepcut army barrack murders, the heterophobic agenda, W.M.Ds, and so much more.

So after so many opportunities to tell the truth to the public over the huge numbers of U.F.O sightings.

The recent admission that U.F.Os do exist after all, but are in the main are dismissed as reflections, light distortions, Japanese fishing boats, and cloud formations, was only forthcoming as a rearguard action to distort the mass of classified information released, if Gary is convicted.

Lets not forget that spy Jonathan Pollard has claimed Mossad hacked the U.S defence files for Israel on a daily basis year in year out, yet no convictions here.

But lies are an essential part of the British diet. The result is that none believes any government statement any more, particularly on U.F.Os and only a fool will think his vote means anything.

T Stokes lecture in paranormal studies