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The Magic Roundabout

Haunted Houses and How to Avoid Them

By T Stokes

Those whose business is empty houses, such as realtors, builders, decorators, modernisers and estate agents, have in recent years become more educated in what can lie behind individual aspects of sick building syndrome and those harbouring static electric or emotional currents, or lower realm spirit infestation.

Certainly houses with an unhealthy or unwelcome feel to them will give off special signals, which subconsciously many people on entering these properties will pick up on, this according to many property dealers will deter many a buyer.

Some 30 years ago not many people were as aware as today on the reasons for a property not selling. Technically these building’s that for no obvious reason just would not sell were called in the trade “stickers” and a well known chain of British estate agents developed a set of rules to cover over any suspect vibrations, with some simple guidelines, such as de-cluttering help from Feng Shui, or the smell of fresh roast coffee or a breadmaker, using air fresheners and ionisers, burning perfumed candles and light flooding with table lamps, even washing all through with disinfectant was used to help move a “ sticker”.

If you view a property with any of these ruses, look deeper.

A senior estate agent told me 30 years ago that if a property came up for sale and was a good bargain it would either be bought by themselves or their group, then offered round town, then in the County, the last of all offered nationally to outsiders.

This same chain of estate agents would phone me and ask me to come by and pick up the keys to houses which could be almost anywhere in the country, and ask me for a “cleanse through”, the word exorcism was never used, this meant that I went in usually with a helper, to see a house before any amateur ghost hunters or sceptics could touch or alter anything from vibrations to invisible occupants, and on those rare occasions that it was necessary, bring in a rescue team of spirit sweepers.

But today things are different everyone is a paranormal expert.

Feng Shui masters, ghost hunting groups, reiki healers, freelance mediums all are vying to be first into properties which may show initial signs of covert nocturnal spirit habitation.

Smudging and house healing is big business, and there are so many healing courses on offer, some undoubtedly genuine and some you can buy through the post, and some you do not even have to alter your material life style, and are instantly attuned to healing energies, for a large monetary sum of course.

The modern paranormal industry has come up with some super special tools for house investigation, whereas in my day, it was down to knowledge, training and intuition, and ”feelings”.

Opening the door and walking over the threshold is still the best method of first analysis and defence for the preservation of psychic health.

Time taken in investigation must include statements from previous occupants, neighbours accounts, maps in the public library to assess soured ground and battle sites, and electrical pylons nearby, never forget to visit the local pub and chat to locals, and house visitors like the regular postman etc, all will have an opinion.

Make notes of all these in case they be of later use, for the paranormal is surely just a roundabout of knowledge that is forever spinning.

“Happy Haunting”

T Stokes paranormalist and exorcist
copyright 2006