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The Hutchison Effect

by T Stokes

The 1960s writer on occult subjects known as Lobsang Rampa, Caused a sensation when he documented the Philadelphia experiment, And the reverberations still echo across pages of many books and magazines
today, 40 years later.

Experts still argue over whether he or his books were genuine, But recently a renegade scientist has duplicated the disputed Philadelphia experiments.

To recapitulate, if I remember correctly, the U. S. S. Philadelphia was said to be an American ship on which an invisibility cloak was to be tested in the 1940s. A peculiar tragedy struck and the ships log was altered, causing those
interested parties to say it was badly erased from the Naval records to hide up what really happened. Physicists who witnessed the new phenomenon have called the amazing experiments " The Hutchison Effect"

John Hutchison admits he based his ideas on his childhood heroes, Gene Roddenberry and Nicola Tesla. He has shown how with Tesla coils, kilner static gyroscopes, Van Der Graaf generators radio frequency generators, radar and other technical wizardry, how to warp the laws of physics and baffle the scientists.

He says he stumbled on how to raise a large steel bar from the floor, and do other levitations, closely written reports of glass bottles, tools, paper and other items shot across the room, and as in the Roswell reports, hard metal turned to putty. Wood has been seen to embed itself into solid aluminium bars, and concrete burst into flames, as in other U.F.O reports.

The U S military since 1983 have sponsored his experiments, setting up a rival lab to monitor all effects, in 1984, with no further results. Hutchison has worked with scientists from Japan, Germany and the U.S. some times the results work other times they do not, but always's filmed in close up.

One day we may learn what goes on in the small military guarded laboratory in Vancouver, until then we too may only speculate

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