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Haunted Houses - Latest

By T Stokes

An ordinary looking modern 3 bed terraced house in a socially deprived area, 397 Wellfield St. Bewsey, England, Is on the market at 119,950 pounds. The house it typical of the modern small build homes hurriedly put up for the mass influx of foreign incomers to our shores in recent years, and would not really merit a second look, except the house hides a very dark secret. Donella Schofield was strangled here by her boyfriend of 15 years Steve Rankin, in a demonic rage, the boyfriend then committed suicide on December 25th 2005. This is becoming known locally as the "Christmas day murders".

There are many cases on record of murder victims leaving a luminous imprint at the murder spot, including one of Jack the Rippers victims Catherine Eddowes, The kitchen where Donella ended her life, also shows a luminous body
imprint. This is technically called "penumbra" and is seen by experts as part of the
auric signature.

Unfortunately the photos we took were not of sufficient standard to show what is sometimes called, the light body in religious literature. These photos when taken alongside advanced electronic voice phenomena, (A.E.V.P) Can give both amazing visual and vocal proof, if taken within approx 4 days of death, before the astral and etheric energies have dispersed.

Although sworn to secrecy, we did hold a small prayer and deliverance service for the souls of the tragedy, which I am told was not entirely successful in placating the anger of the sad couple.

For many years I would be asked by estate agents or realtors, to discreetly visit homes that would not sell, these are called in the trade "stickers" and spiritually cleanse through, The word "exorcism" is never used. Halifax the estate agents selling the property, have tried to suppress all publicity and are trying to pass this off as an ordinary house to
unsuspecting buyers.

Properties which have been the focus of major tragedies such as this, are magnets for later unhappiness and broken relationships, and often occupy that category known as "sick building syndrome".

The law in Britain is still being broken on a weekly basis by the suppression of information which should be in the public domain on homes such as this, Mis-describing of product is the term used recently in crown court.

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