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Helen Duncan - Latest

By T Stokes

The Guardian newspaper was the latest in several British newspapers Over the past few months to highlight the conviction of famous wartime spirit medium Helen Duncan. The article said she was jailed as a witch and a spy, and was a threat to Britain at war. The article also drew attention to the fact that in 1692 in Salem Massachusetts,
20 people executed for witchcraft were recently pardoned, and 2 years ago 81 women and men from the Scotland area executed for witchcraft in the 16th and 17th centuries were also pardoned.

The pardoning of 300 shell shocked soldiers from W W 1 recently invigorated the posthumous campaign for Helen Duncan. Under the new Human rights act, for any prosecution to take place it must be based on truth, yet Helen did tell the truth, it was the government who wanted to support another wartime lie, that the ships had not been sunk.
The new Home Office minister John Reid has so far said that to bring in the Human Rights law retrospectively in this case would be improper. Yet Tony Blair recently used it to apologise for Slavery, More new laws coming on line to prohibit religious discrimination and this may be, like the laws on racism that it can be used retrospectively.

Winston Churchill played a double game publicly claiming her prosecution was "tomfoolery" while privately grouping together the leading occultists of the day. The "wartime "Black Team" was in the words of Alexander Cannon, A masterpiece in the structure of the supernatural war machine.

The Church of England's expert on the Supernatural, Archbishop Lang was complicit with Dennis Wheatley and Louis De'Whol with others, to wage a psychic war, and a suggestion from an old friend and colleague of Helens, Minnie Adamson, claimed this could have been because Helen would not be part of the Black Team as several other mediums were pressured to do. The prosecution rested on the fact that they claimed she could have revealed the secret coming plans for D day, yet for her to able to do this, demolishes their own case that she was a fraud.

Never forget Churchill himself was a 33rd degree mason, a druid and part time spiritualist and claimed psychic ability, and even had fake horoscopes dropped over Germany. Soviet spy Eugene Ivanov claimed that the British osteopath and spiritual healer, Stephen Ward was murdered because he helped Churchill with his depression and alcoholism,
And got him painting for therapy, and for what he knew of the wartime Black Team.

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