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How to Read the Crystal by Sepharial


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The following facts, in connection with predictions made from the Crystal, have come within the knowledge of the writer, either as personal experiences or in association with others in which the faculty of clear vision is active.

A lady of title visited the seer in the month of June, 1896, and was told that she would hear news from abroad in some hot country concerning the birth of a child, a boy, who would arrive in the following year in the month of February. The lady did hear such news, and in February, 1897, a boy was born to the lady's sister in India. The same lady was told that on a certain date, while travelling, she would meet with an accident to the right leg. She fell between the platform and the footboard while getting into a train, and suffered severe abrasion of the right leg, together with a serious muscular strain which laid her up for several days. Previous to that the lady was to be surprised by some good fortune happening to her son in connection with papers and a contest. This happened at the time specified. Her son passed his examination for the military college with honours.

Mrs. H. was consulted by a lady of some ability in a special line of literature. This fact was not, however, within the knowledge of the seeress. She was told that she would go up a certain staircase into a dingy room with a roll of something under her arm. She would see a dark man who was thick-set and of quiet demeanour. The man would take the roll, and it would be a source of good fortune to her at a later date.

The lady-consultant did so take a certain manuscript rolled up beneath her arm. She went up the dingy staircase described by the seeress, and saw the man whose description had been given.

The manuscript was transferred from her hand to that of the publisher, for such was the man's occupation. The manuscript was accepted, and later on was published. So the prediction was literally fulfilled.

In the first case cited the vision was _symbolical_, and the interpretation was made by the seer himself. In the second case the vision was literal, and needed no interpretation. These two cases will serve for an illustration of the two types of vision.

Mrs. A. was consulted by a lady of the writer's acquaintance in 1893. She was told that she would not marry the person to whom she was then engaged, but would have to wait till a certain person, who was described, should come from a foreign country and take her away. This would happen, it was said, in the month of January, three years later. This event transpired in due course exactly as predicted, though nothing was further from the probable course of events; in fact, the lady was not a little irate at the allusion to the breaking off of her then existing relations, while the idea of marrying a person whom she had never seen, and for whom she could have no sort of regard, was naturally revolting to one so wholly absorbed as she was at the time.

Mrs. G. consulted the seer on September 27th, 1894. She was told she would have sickness incidental to the loins and shooting pains in the knees. [A figure was seen with a black cloth around the loins, the figure stooping and resting its hands upon its knees.] She would be the owner of a house in the month of December. [A house was seen covered with snow; the trees were bare.] A removal would be made when the trees were without leaf. [A bird was seen on a branch without leaf; the bird flies off.] The consultant would be engaged in a dispute concerning money. [Several hands seen grabbing at a pile of money.]