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Cosmic Consciousness by Ali Nomad


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In the foregoing chapters we have set forth only a few of the facts and instances which the inquirer will find, if he but seek, of the reality of a supra-conscious faculty, no less actual, than are the faculties of the sense-conscious human, which type forms the average of the race.

This faculty, or rather we should say _these faculties_--because they find expression in many ways, through avenues correlative to the physical senses--prove the existence of a realm of consciousness, far above the planes of the mortal or sense-conscious man, and transcending the region known as the astral and psychic areas of consciousness.

All who have reported their experiences in contacting this illimitable region unite in the essential points of experience, namely:

The experience is indescribable.

It confers an unshakable conviction of immortality.

It discloses the fact that we are now living in this supra-conscious realm; that it is not something which we acquire after death; it _is_ not _to be_.

This realm is characterized by a beautiful, wonderful radiant iridescent light.

"_O green fire of life, pulse of the world, O love."_

It fills the heart with a great and all-embracing love, establishing a realization of the silent Brotherhood of the Cosmos, demolishing all barriers of race and color and class and condition.

Illumination is inclusive. It knows no separation.

It announces the fact that every person is right from his point of view.

"That nothing walks with aimless feet; that no one life shall be destroyed; or cast as rubbish on the void; when God hath made the pile complete."

That Life and Love and Joy unutterable are the reward of the seeker; and that there is no one and only path.

All systems; all creeds; all methods that are formulated and upheld by altruism are righteous, and that the Real is the spiritual--the external is a dream from which the world is awakening to the consciousness of the spiritual man--the _atman_--the Self that is ageless; birthless; deathless--divine. On all sides are evidences that the race is entering upon this new consciousness.

So many are weary with the strife and struggle and noise of the sense-conscious life.

The illusions of possessions which break in our hands as we grasp them; of empty titles of so-called "honor," builded upon prowess in war; the feverish race after wealth--cold as the marble palaces which it builds to shut in its worshippers--all these things are becoming skeleton-like and no longer deceive those who are even remotely discerning the new birth.

The new heraldry will have for its badge of royalty "Love and Service to my Fellow Beings," displacing the "Dieu et mon Droit" of the ancient ideal.

The Dawn is here. Are you awake?

"--In the heart of To-day is the word of To-morrow.

The Builders of Joy are the Children of Sorrow."

Cosmic Consciousness - home