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Cause and Effect

Fragments of Maitreya's teachings about this important spiritual law, which governs all of creation.

Between 1988 and 1993 Maitreya, the World Teacher, released a series of forecasts and analyses of the current state of the world, as well as fragments of His teachings. Through one of His close associates in the Asian community of London, these were released to Share International for publication and were sent to the world’s media as press releases. Phrased in the words of His associate, Maitreya’s spiritual teachings are arranged here by subject in the hope of facilitating the reader’s study and application in daily life.

Cause and effect can be understood as a major expression of spiritual law. It is illuminating to the extent that we identify causes and their effects correctly. It is important here to train oneself to perceive patterns. (Share International, September 1988)

The energy of the Christ Principle is a cause; people walking together, talking together, working together is an effect. (October 1989)

Creation is an automatic process. Every ‘ism’ is automated. It is like throwing a stone into the water, automatically creating ripples. So every action creates effects automatically to remind the Self that it is not free. Once the Self looks for that freedom, then the journey towards salvation begins. (March 1990)

Human activities which are conditioned, known as karmas, are subject to the laws of cause and effect. Maitreya says: “If you do not practise detachment in your life’s activities, you experience hindrances, stagnation and imprisonment. Life becomes cyclic (ie repetitive). It remains chained to the laws of cause and effect. Then there is no peace, no grace, no happiness, no freedom, no salvation. This is why detachment is such an important discipline in life.” (March 1991)

Maitreya says that when you disturb the pattern of evolution which embraces creation it disturbs the elements of nature. (June 1991)

“When you use high-tech instruments of war to destroy houses, bridges, etc, and destroy innocent life, you release the energy of destruction. This same energy affects the elements of nature.” (July/August 1991)

Man must take responsibility for his own thoughts, words and deeds. Thus he grows spiritually. (Sep. 1988)

Whatever is done in ignorance is automatically forgiven. Whatever is done in knowledge of the consequences is sin, if by your actions you knowingly imprison yourself in the bondages of life. (September 1989)

The more you become aware of cause and effect, the more you can take charge of your own destiny. It is important to generate right causes to obtain right effects. (April 1989)

To understand that we live in a world of cause and effect creates self-awareness. (September 1988)

The only way to deal with any problem in life is to understand how it came into being. The moment you know its process, you can reverse it. “When you know its birth, you can know its death.”

According to Maitreya, any problem requires analysis along the lines of how, when, where, why and what. Such an approach yields results. (September 1988)

Maitreya says: “Look at the world situation today. Everyone has fallen victim to ideologies in the name of religion, politics, civilization. Is it worth living this sort of life? The world has been polluted with ideologies, so the clear message is: if the human race does not follow the path of justice, peace, happiness, grace, then nature will explode. If human beings (nations and countries) do not respect each other the energies which are goading nations and countries to fight, and which are so vibrant in nature, will find expression in major disasters which are just around the corner now. You will witness major earthquakes, floodings, volcanic eruptions, aeroplane explosions.”

Maitreya says: “Everything you see happening in the world is entirely man-made.” (November 1990)

Maitreya says: “If you have forced someone out through trickery, you will be forced out by the same process.” (January/February 1991)

The Self ‘ages’ into that state of conditioning known as birth and death. At death the Self suddenly breaks out of the physical body, then the mental body, and rests in some form of the spiritual body. This cycle of birth and death goes on until the Lord Himself ‘opens the door of heaven’.

Maitreya says: “There is no heaven in mind, spirit and body. Heaven is beyond mind, spirit and body. It is in the Supreme Being.”

In the context of this basic teaching, one can understand that in creation everything that is predestined is, in effect, preconditioned. (Maitreya is referring here to the great Law of Karma: effects invariably follow from causes which have been set in motion, and nothing in creation is outside this law). (September 1990)

Maitreya’s message is: “Work together, share together. If you make your neighbours starve, the time will come when you must face equally serious problems.” (October 1990)

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