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Astrological Timing of Spells, Prayers and Rituals

by Bob Makransky

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The most important method which we are employing here is known as the Planetary Hours, which has historically been the main astrological technique used in magical operations such as charging talismans; and also is the main astrological technique recommended by the spiritual guardians of astrological knowledge for all sorts of elections. It is based upon an ancient Chaldean system of astrology which supposedly antedates even the zodiac of signs.

The reason why astrology (and magic generally) doesn’t “work” as well nowadays as it did in the past is because it is peripheral to the central concerns of our society: very little energy is presently being focused in that direction. Warlike societies tend to be successful at war; commercial societies like ours tend to be successful at commerce; spiritual societies tend to be successful at spiritual endeavors; and magical societies tend to get magic to work quite well. Whatever a society (or an individual) has faith in is what it tends to manifest. Most of us have rationalist-materialistic or spiritual-materialistic backgrounds and hence have little native faith in magic or astrology: faith, like knowledge, is handed down from generation to generation, and our New Age generation is the first of the new magicians. It is necessary for us to plug away at magic on blind faith for a while until we eventually start seeing positive results, which is what builds real faith. However, we can take a faith short-cut by tuning in to existing wavelengths of knowledge: by using the Planetary Hours we are forging a link with the ancient magician astrologers and the spirits who guided them.

Let’s look a the procedure step-by-step:

1) CHOOSING A PROPITIOUS DAY: First identify what it is you are praying for with the relevant planet (see Table of Planetary Rulerships). For example, if what you want is money, then you must look to the planet Jupiter. In an astrological ephemeris (most monthly astrology magazines include current ephemerides) scan ahead for a day when there is a good transiting aspect to Jupiter, and note the time when this aspect is exact. Don’t forget to convert the time given in the ephemeris to clock time for your locality, taking Daylight Saving Time into account (if it’s in effect).

Optimally, the other planet involved in the aspect should also be relevant to what you want: if you want a steady income and a sense of security, then try to find a good aspect between Jupiter and Saturn (permanence); if what you want is money so you can afford some luxuries and enjoyment, then try to find a good aspect between Jupiter and Venus; if you want money so you can get ahead in life, then try to find an aspect between Jupiter and the sun. Most of the time, unless you’re willing to wait for some months, you will be circumscribed in what choices are available, so in a pinch you can always go with aspects to the moon, which forms every possible aspect with every planet every month. Only favorable aspects should be used (conjunctions, sextiles, and trines); ignore unfavorable and minor aspects, and parallels of declination.

2) CHOOSING A PROPITIOUS HOUR: Once you have located a propitious day, scan the Tables of Planetary Hours for your latitude, and locate an hour ruled by the planet in question (Jupiter in our example). If you’re not paying attention to the transits, then just choose a Jupiter hour which is convenient for you. Otherwise, if the transiting aspect does not involve the moon then you can use any of the Jupiter hours which fall within twenty-four hours before the exact time of the aspect; and if the transiting aspect does involve the moon then you must use that one Jupiter hour which falls just before the exact time of the transit. If the aspect becomes exact during a Jupiter hour, then use the space in time between the beginning of the Jupiter hour and the exact time of the transit.

To obtain a weekly table of Planetary Hours for your location, go to => Makransky Miscellany => Astrology Articles => Planetary Hours and download the free Excel worksheet. Because this worksheet contains macros you may have to lower your security option in Excel, and when it asks if you want to enable the macros click “Enable macros.”


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